Madonna’s Costume Sketches For MDMA.

Here is a look at the costumes sketches for Madonna’s new MDMA tour.  The outfits are going to be insane and have a crazy amount of high-end designer collaborators. The outfits are by Jean Paul Gaultier and Jeremy Scott, shoes from Prada and Miu Miu and pieces from Alexander Wang.  Dolce & Gabbana made suits for the band and background vocalists, Fausto Puglisi created menacing bandolier vests and rams head masks for the backup dancers and J Brand made custom-made jeans for the tour.  How crazy is that? The tour starts this Thursday, can’t wait to see how she rocks these looks!

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Gucci’s Eco-friendly Flats.

I am a big fan of eco-friendly products and think that going green will become a staple in the lives of most in upcoming years.  Joining the list of brands that are designing eco-friendly products is Gucci.  As part of Copenhagen Fashion Summit, creative director, Frida Gianninihas, has created a line of shoes made out of biodegradable plastic.  How neat!   For all you men out their green with envy, you can pick up a pair of eco-friendly Gucci sneakers as well. The women and men’s shoes are part of the new  “Sustainable Soles” collection. What is better than looking hot while helping the environment?  The pre-fall collection will be available to us all at the end of June.  So gorgeous!

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Florence Welch For Harper’s Bazaar.

Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine, will be on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar July issue which hits newsstands Monday, June 4th.  I am a HUGE fan of hers so I am so stoked about this cover.  At just 25, this girl is a star and becoming a fashion icon before our eyes.

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Hunter Boot + J. Mendel.

In need for some fabulously designed boots?  Hunter Boots will be collaborating with none other than J. Mendel for a limited edition collection.  The collection will be designed by Gilles Mendel, designer of J. Mendel and includes three styles.  The boots will be retailed at around $575-$775.  You can pick up a pair around November   on, Saks, or Nordstrom.  Here is a look at one of the fabulous boots. What do you guys think of the fur trimmed Hunter boot?

RIP Doc Watson.

The legendary Doc Watson has died at the age of 89.  The singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist lived a plentiful life and leaves a great legacy.  The folk star has won seven Grammys in his life and even a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. He is best known for being the king of flat-picking.  In 1997, President Bill Clinton presented Doc Watson with the National Medal of Arts. Clinton stated, “There may not be a serious, committed baby boomer alive who didn’t at some point in his or her youth try to spend a few minutes at least trying to learn to pick a guitar like Doc Watson.”  His legacy will live on and so will his amazing music.

Interview Magazine Cover & Spread.

Here is another spread of Kristen Stewart looking quite masculine.  Although she is not playing two gender roles, she definitely has a male vibe in this spread for Interview Magazine.  Along with her costar of Snow White and the Huntsman, the gorgeous Charlize Theron, she will be covered on the June/July issue. I am really loving these shots.  Both women look sophisticated and Mikael Jansson does an amazing job at capturing the sharp look. Simply gorgeous!

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Mumford Album & Tour Dates.

Mumford & Sons has finally released a date for their highly anticipated new album.  The new album will be released September 24th of this year.  Leader of the group, Marcus Mumford has stated, “I think we just want the songs to be good, and to sound right, and to feel like we’ve expressed everything as straightforwardly and honestly as we can. We’re done recording it. But if we listen back while we’re mixing and discover its shit, we’ll just start again.”  Rolling Stone mentioned that this date could be premature so we’re hoping there is some truth to it.  I honestly can’t wait any longer!

Last night at the Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands, Mumford along with the rest of the boys got up on stage with Bruce Springsteen when he called them up for a rendition of “Hungry Hearts.”  Ben Lovett wrote on his tumblr “The Boss called us up spontaneously to the stage to sing Hungry Heart with him in front of 60,000 people in Holland last night. I am writing and sharing this mostly because I’m hoping it’ll help me come to terms with the fact that actually happened”.  Pretty damn cool.  Mumford & Sons will appear on their own tour this summer called “Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers.” Hopefully you’ll get lucky and catch their show considering they’re only playing in a handful of small cities.  Here is the list of dates and cities.

Aug. 4: Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Portland, ME (The Eastern Promenade) – Mumford & Sons + St. Vincent, Dawes, The Maccabees, Apache Relay, Simone Felice, Haim

Aug. 11: Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Bristol, VA/TN (Off State Street in Downtown Bristol) – Mumford & Sons + Dawes, JEFF The Brotherhood, The Very Best, Justin Townes Earle, Apache Relay, Simone Felice, Haim

Aug. 18: Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Dixon, IL (Page Park) – Mumford & Sons + Gogol Bordello, Dawes, Abigail Washburn, The Very Best, Apache Relay, Haim

Aug. 25: Gentlemen of the Road Stopover In Monterey, CA (Monterey County Fairgrounds) – Mumford & Sons + Gogol Bordello, The Very Best, Grouplove, Two Gallants, Apache Relay, Haim

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David Beckham: First Male on ELLE UK.

The sexiest man on earth a.k.a. David Beckham gets the honor of being the first male ever to be on the cover of ELLE UK.  We get even luckier with the fact the he’s shirtless.  Hot damn!  The soccer stud is being featured for the upcoming Olympics which is being held in Beckham’s homeland of London, England.  What do you guys think of the July cover? I am pretty sure they couldn’t have picked a better man.

Simple Sunburn Remedies.

Considering I put SPF on today and still got the yearly Memorial Day burn, besides drinking tons and tons of water, I have started going through my list of sunburn remedies and I thought I should share them with you.  Here are a bunch of great ways to cool off your red skin and ease the pain up a bit.

Aloe-  This is my go-to for the summer.  Whenever I have a sunburn I throw a bottle of aloe vera gel into my freezer and use it hourly.  Not only does it soothe your skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties , the coldness will make your skin feel great.  (well better at least)  I love aloe the most because it reduces peeling which never looks good.

Vinegar-  I am sure you have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your cabinet but if you don’t I would pick up a small bottle and add some to your bath to give a cooling sensation to your skin.

Milk-  A glass if this stuff will ease the pain of the worst sunburns.  Before you start chugging milk, it actually best if poured on a cold compress or even poured in a bath.  Milk will also help stop itching caused by sunburn.

Oatmeal- Oat extract has had anti-inflammatory properties that could help soothe your sunburn.  Keep it cool and throw some on your chest and arms, it might be sticky but you’ll be grateful after.

Honey- Although, honey seems like the last thing you want to put on your skin, it definitely will shorten the healing time of it.  Honey is antibacterial and helps heal wounds.

Tea-  This is the oldest trick in the book.  The tannic acid from tea is soothing for sunburns and has really helped my burns feel better.

Cornstarch-  Each year I always seem to get heat rash along with my sunburn so my mom keeps a box of cornstarch on hand for me.  I don’t necessarily know what properties it has that makes my skin feel so much better, but it really works.  Put it on before bed and you will no longer feel nor see the effects of heat rash.

Calamine Lotion-  I use this pink stuff not only for bee bites but for my burnt skin as well.  Calamine lotion relieves itching and also has a great cooling effect.

Remember guys and gals, sunburns do not only cause wrinkles and premature aging they also give you a greater chance of getting skin cancer.  Always use sunblock to prevent sunburn and from further damaging your skin post-sunburn.

New Launch: House of Harlow 1960.

Nicole Richie’s has launched a new collection for House of Harlow.  The affordable jewelry collection is House of Harlow 1960 and was launched yesterday at David Jones in Sydney.  The line is on sale this week at Kitson’s online boutique and features pieces of leather, silk strings, chains, rivets, feathers and gold-plated metals. Love it!