Global Festival Headliners: Foo Fighters, The Black Keys & More

I am super excited to announce that amazing acts will be taking the stage for the Global Festival this year.  Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, Neil Young and K’naan will all be performing at the Great Lawn in Central Park, September 29th, to raise awareness of the high levels of poverty in this world.  Hugh Evans co-founder of The Global Poverty Project told Rolling Magazine, “The standard model for this kind of event is you sell a ticket through Ticketmaster for $60 or $70 and a portion of that goes to charity. We wanted Global Festival to be about action, not money. By thinking different about how we distribute tickets, we’re building a movement.”  Since the Great Lawn is open the public, all tickets are free and are going to be distributed via lottery.  This is a great cause and we should all take part in helping The Global Poverty Project.