Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!

The legendary Paul McCartney has turned 70 today.  Paul McCartney is one of the most amazing singers, songwriters, animal activists and most importantly band member of the most influential band of all time, The Beatles.

In honor of him, I picked one of my all time favorite songs written and performed by him.  It is “Here, There and Everywhere.”  It is not the most popular Beatles song but for some reason I have always loved it and think it is simply just a beautiful song. To find more of my favorite performances by McCartney.. check them out here.


Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe.

Today would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 86th birthday.  Marilyn was one of a kind and a big part of the fashion and music world.

Lady Gaga has wished the late icon happy birthday by joining the list of celebrities posing as her.  Lady Gaga posted on her twitter this picture along with this post-

“#HappyBirthdayMarilyn They’ll never take our blonde hair and lipstick”

Check out the list of Marilyn Monroe inspired magazine covers here!

Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham!

In honor of Victoria Beckham’s 38th birthday (can you believe it?) , I’ve picked 5 of her poshest looks from 2012.  Although she rarely smiles, she still looks flawless in every snapshot that’s taken of her.  Picking up “Designer of the year” at the 2011 British Fashion Awards has proven how far she has come in the fashion world and how far she is going.  This truly has been a great year for her, especially the fact that she now has the cutest accessory always on her arm, her baby girl Harper! Love.

Happy Birthday Lady GaGa!

In tribute to Lady GaGa’s 26th Birthday I posted my top 5 favorite performances! One including the legendary Elton Johnwhose birthday was just the other day.

These performances are not only my favorite because of the amazing show she puts on and because of how entertaining they are but because of the talent she portrays while she’s performing.  She really knows how to entertain and show us what a real voice sounds like. Love her!