Today’s Look: All Black Everything

So people mistakenly think dressing in all black makes you look like your going to a funeral.  I am going to have to disagree. As an avid fan of the color black, I may be bias, but I think you can really rock it.  Today I had a meeting and wanted to dress up and be comfortable at the same time.  I decided on my new peplum zip-up I recently got from Anthropologie for my birthday thanks to mamadukes. I paired it with simple black riding pants from J.Crew and my ALL TIME FAVORITE Prada mary-janes, which so happen to be velvet.   I do think a perfect pair of heels can make any outfit and these babies do the trick. My bag is from the Gap and it’s simple yet has a funky colorful lining which I love. Along with electric yellow nails and some funky purple eyeshadow (you can’t see in the picture) I think this look is perfect for a meeting/interview/shopping etc. What do you think? Too simple or simply enough? 


Stars and Stripes DIY.

Hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July.  I decided to keep it casual this year with two different looks.  The first look was a simple striped GAP shirt with bermuda shorts that I made from an old pair of capris.  I am not a big fan of capris but I think bermuda shorts made a huge comeback.  I figured I cut off a bit of the length from the capris and simply roll them up once or twice to get a cute look.  I also like to add a distressed feel to my jeans by using a razor blade and some sand paper to wear them down.

The headband I made out of old fabric my mom had, some hot glue, and a plain plastic headband.  I make headbands a lot and it is super easy to do if you just have the patience to sit there.  I use hot glue instead of sewing the fabric because it is super easy and takes the stress out of a lot of my DIY projects.  I like using two different fabrics when using lace so that you can’t see the color of the headband underneath.  In this case I used blue to cover the headband and then used black on top of it.

The second outfit was all D.I.Y. I made the shorts especially for the 4th and I am kinda in love with them.  They were an old pair of ripped jeans that I honestly just didn’t like.  I decided to just cut them into shorts and then use paint to design an American flag on them.  I drew the stars first with a pen so that I didn’t have to worry about messing up when I was using the paint.

The shirt was an old long-sleeved button up that I didn’t get much use out of.  I had a broken brooch that I was about to throw out but instead broke two even pieces off and sewed them onto the collar which I think looks pretty cool.  I also cut off the sleeves because it was way too hot out and just tied the bottom of the shirt up.  I wore my D.I.Y. gold bracelets that you can see HERE which complemented the outfit.

In both looks I wore Steve Madden sandals which I think are really cute.  I think we’re going to be seeing more and more of metallics coming our way and I’m loving that. Both looks are casual and fun and to incorporate pieces you make on your own really gives your look the perfect touch.  What do you think about DIY? Too much work or too much fun?