DIY: Hair Bow

Whenever you see the hair bow you automatically think Lady Gaga but honestly it can look awesome and somewhat more subtle on us everyday girls. I really cannot believe how simple it is to do and with these 3 steps anyone can do it!

1. Put your hair in a simple bun with the stray hair to the front.

2.  Part the bun in two equal parts.

3. Take the stray hair and simply bobby pin it back in the center of the two parts.

Piece of cake, right?!


Blow Dry Bars Blowin’ Up.

Blow Dry Bars seem to be the up and coming thing, especially in NYC.  Blow Dry Bars leave the cuts and color to your go-to salons and leave a professional blowout to them.  The greatest thing is that these blowouts come a lot cheaper than if you were to get one at your local salon.  Besides being more affordable, their way faster so you can get a quicky before a hot date (no pun intended) or before a work meeting. Blow is the hottest spot in NYC to get your blow out fix.  Although it started in 2005, the trend has been somehow boosted this year.  Check out the info below to schedule your very own affordable, fast blow out in NYC and let me know what ya think.


342 West 14th Street  New York, NY 10014
(212) 989-6282

Monday thru Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

Ballerina on a Budget.

The weather has been beautiful in NYC and I love the fact that I can finally wear all my favorite skirts, including this one from Forever 21.  I love this skirt because it has a tutu feel to it with layers of tulle.  The skirt was really affordable and I paired it with accessories in the same price range.

The flats are also from Forever 21 and were about $15. So cheap!  My bracelet is H&M and was around $10.   I am also sporting my favorite new trend, the sock bun.  As I have shown you guys before, I am using the H&M hair styling ring which is great at $3.95 (you can get all the information for it on my sock bun post)

My favorite part about this ballerina get-up is the bow I placed beneath the bun.  I love the look and the greatest thing is I made the bow myself.  It is super easy to do and I will have to do a post to show you guys how simple it really is.

Think Pink.

Nicole Richie has joined the list of celebrities dyeing their hair pink.  I love this trend and think it is a great and fun way to be a bit daring.  Considering the pink locks are only temporary, I think their perfect on Richie.  I have tried both purple and blue colored hair and I think its time for me to try this color out.  What do you guys think of her new do?

Product Review.

For all the blondes out their that have a difficult time getting that nasty brassy color out of their hair, I recommend a great product for you guys.  If you’re like me and aren’t a natural blondie, (don’t worry I won’t tell) you know there is a great chance of getting a yellow tone is your locks and I am sorry but it ain’t pretty.  Since I dyed my hair in november, by myself might I add, I have been using Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo to get and keep my hair at ash blonde.  I really was skeptical about a shampoo working so well but it really does.  I used this shampoo everyday when I first went blonde to rid myself of the brassiness and now use it every other wash to keep my blonde at its best. It really refreshes the color of my hair and maintains my ash-toned hair color.  This product is for blonde and silver hair as well.  It is around $10 and you can get it at your local hair care store.  If you live in NYC like me, you can pick it up at Ricky’s.  If you guys try it out, let me know what ya think.

Crazy Fashion.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy looks from Lady Gaga over the years and this look is definitely at the top of the list.  Lady Gaga is one for pushing limits (meat dress, netted face, arriving in an egg.. the list goes on and on) but wearing a costume made out of her own hair weaved into a purple hair is outrageous. The bottom half of her can pass as a dip-dyed Cousin Itt.  Ha! I do love her white vest with purple embroidery.  Good thing this gal is one of a kind.. can’t see too many people following this trend, that’s for sure!

photo via huffpost

Buns You Must Try For This Summer.

Sock Bun- This look is literally made by putting a rolled up sock in you hair.  It is so simple but can take a few tries to get it perfect. Check out this DIY video that I love which actually taught me how to get this perfect look.

Ballerina Bun- This look is classic and very chic.  For going on an interview or meeting the boyfriends parents, this is the best bun to look clean and sharp.  Take some gel for those fly-a-ways to keep the look as polished as can be.  

Messy Bun – This is perfect from going from day to nighttime.   You can dress it up with a headband like in this picture.  Tease the top to make the messy look even better.  

Braided Bun- My favorite way to get this look is to have a side part.  Do two french braids and literally just knot the two pony tails into a bun when your done.  Stick some bobby pins in for a great hold.  This picture shows my favorite boho queen, Nicole Richie, doing it perfectly with this casual look.

10 Accessories For Summer Music Festivals.

In honor of Coachella beginning, I picked 10 accessories that would be perfect for the festivals and concerts that are coming up.  These items will be great for any music event including the east coasts very own festival, Firefly!

Straw Hobo Bag £32.00 Top Shop 

Monday Lux Round Sunglasses $32.72 Asos 

Knotted Tropical Headwrap $3.80 Forever 21 

Beaded Spikes Necklace $7.80 Forever 21 

River Island Glam Aviator Sunglasses $23.63 Asos 

Scroll Knuckle Ring $5.80 Forever 21 

Daisy Elastic Headwrap $1.50 Forever 21 

Brixton Abbey Hat $24.00 Urban Outfitters 

Classic Retro Sunglasses $21.81 Asos 

Beaded Wrap Bracelet $8.80 Forever 21 

Hair Accessories For 3 Different Looks.


Pearl Chain Link Comb £10.00 

Twinkled Scallops Headband $32.00 

Floral Open Weave Headwrap $16.00 

Striped Bow Headband $3.80 

Large Flower Bobby Pin $14.00 


Mixed Feather Clips £8.50 

Bellis Bobbies $18.00 

Tubular Beaded Headwrap $19.00 

Oversized Leaf Hair Comb $12.00 

Large Flower Hair Clip $3.80 


Cross Crown Headband £12.50 

Baubled Pony Holder $10.00 

Chiffon Hair Scarf $16.00 

Geo Gleam Headband $32.00 

Zebra Claw Clips $2.50 

Pink Streaks.. the New Trend.

So it looks like the candy-colored hair trend is here to stay and I’m kinda loving it. Although I am not so into the drastic look of electric blue like Katy Perry’s, I am really loving the simple streaks of color. We saw a lot of pastel hair color in this years Fashion Week in both Thakoon and Charlotte Ronson shows and now stars are showing up with it left and right.  The newest star happens to be January Jones.  The “Mad Men” actress was spotted recently with bubblegum pink streaks throughout her bleached blonde hair.  What do you guys think of this new trend? Love it or hate it?

photos via