DIY Using Pearls.

So today I was pretty bored and realized.. what would be a better day than to do some DIY clothing and accessories?

I had a bag of fake pearls due to a necklace breaking so I figured I’d do something with those.  I decided to make a bunch of stuff including a pair of shorts, a headband, 2 clips and adding some pearls to a collar.  All of the looks came out pretty perfect and I am really happy with them.  As you guys know already I LOVE hot glue and figure its 10x faster than pulling out my sewing machine so that’s exactly what I used.

The shorts are pretty cool looking.  I bought a pair of black jeans from Forever 21 for a mere $10 and simply cut them into shorts and distressed them a bit.  Then I hot glued 2 rows of pearls on each belt loop to liven them up.  For the headband I did exactly what I do for my flower headbands(in my Summer Lovin’ Look and DIY headbands) and just used pearls instead of paper flowers. For the clips I just glued on the pearls one by one.  Super easy! And for the collar I decided on a small triangle on each corner.  It took about 5 minutes and it really makes a difference to the old shirt.  Don’t you guys think?

I love love love DIY because I get a chance of remaking clothes and giving them a trendier feel.   I hate to get rid of clothes because I figure there can always be something done to change it up.  Adding some studs, beads, or in this case pearls, can really transform your wardrobe.