Disney Is All the Rage For The Holidays.


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As one of the biggest Disney lovers, I am so happy that Disney is making a huge impact in the fashion world this holiday season.  Between Sephora and Harrods, Disney has now collaborated with Barneys on a high-end animated film … Continue reading

Things Got a Bit Hairy on Set of Lady Gaga’s Vogue Shoot.

In Vogue’s 120th anniversary cover, Lady Gaga sports some wild hair.  As the pop superstar claims, “Hair is the new makeup,” and I’ve got to hand it to her she does look absolutely fierce with that glamorous lions mane. Check out this behind the scenes video of her shoot done to the singers song “Hair.” How fitting?

It’s Here! Vogue’s September 2012 Cover.

Vogue has finally showed us their September 2012 cover that we have all been waiting for us.  The marvelous Lady Gaga looks absolutely fierce for the 916 page September issue. How gorgeous is that Marc Jacobs gown? To die! The issue is set to hit newsstands August 14th! How exciting?

DIY: Hair Bow

Whenever you see the hair bow you automatically think Lady Gaga but honestly it can look awesome and somewhat more subtle on us everyday girls. I really cannot believe how simple it is to do and with these 3 steps anyone can do it!

1. Put your hair in a simple bun with the stray hair to the front.

2.  Part the bun in two equal parts.

3. Take the stray hair and simply bobby pin it back in the center of the two parts.

Piece of cake, right?!


Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe.

Today would have been Marilyn Monroe’s 86th birthday.  Marilyn was one of a kind and a big part of the fashion and music world.

Lady Gaga has wished the late icon happy birthday by joining the list of celebrities posing as her.  Lady Gaga posted on her twitter this picture along with this post-

“#HappyBirthdayMarilyn They’ll never take our blonde hair and lipstick”

Check out the list of Marilyn Monroe inspired magazine covers here!

Crazy Fashion.

We’ve seen some pretty crazy looks from Lady Gaga over the years and this look is definitely at the top of the list.  Lady Gaga is one for pushing limits (meat dress, netted face, arriving in an egg.. the list goes on and on) but wearing a costume made out of her own hair weaved into a purple hair is outrageous. The bottom half of her can pass as a dip-dyed Cousin Itt.  Ha! I do love her white vest with purple embroidery.  Good thing this gal is one of a kind.. can’t see too many people following this trend, that’s for sure!

photo via huffpost

Lady Gaga’s Costume Sketch, Designed by Giorgio Armani.


I don’t think Lady Gaga’s costumes could get any more outrageous but having the amazing Giorgio Armani create the look for her upcoming “Born This Way Ball” tour, is definitely the way to go.  He is known to have created many of her crazy looks but this one is one looks absolutely perfect.  Although it is just a sketch, we can tell its pure Gaga. He will be creating three other looks for her tour as well.  Can’t wait to see all of them on her.  Wonder which will be the most out there. Ha


Happy Birthday Lady GaGa!

In tribute to Lady GaGa’s 26th Birthday I posted my top 5 favorite performances! One including the legendary Elton Johnwhose birthday was just the other day.

These performances are not only my favorite because of the amazing show she puts on and because of how entertaining they are but because of the talent she portrays while she’s performing.  She really knows how to entertain and show us what a real voice sounds like. Love her!